Investment Process

At Sanlam Private Wealth, a disciplined research protocol ensures quality input into the decision-making process. Apart from relying on their years of experience in the investment world, our investment team taps into numerous sources of information and analyses, as we build intelligently towards a decision that makes sense for you as a very particular individual.

Research Process

We know that research knowledge equals financial power. Our rigorous research process knows exactly where to look. Amongst other sources, we use:

  • institutional broker research reports
  • financial and investment information databases

How we do our research

All our portfolio managers contribute to the in-house research process. Our Chief Investment Officer, Albert Landman, is responsible for the co-ordination of all research information and analysis.

In terms of shares, we prefer to invest in well-known companies that:

  • have sound management principles;
  • show a history of sound financial performance and sustainability;
  • have a positive cash position and a high payout ratio;
  • show high dividend yield; and
  • show strong fundamentals.

We use our research results throughout our decision-making process:

  • We share our research and views with our portfolio managers, who add their input.
  • Our investment team meet once a month and all the portfolio managers are invited to attend. The investment team and portfolio managers challenge and discuss the research and the views to form a house view. Our investment team constructs our equity model portfolios. Portfolio managers also motivate reasons for any inclusion/exclusion in a particular share in any of the equity portfolios.
  • These model portfolios serve as strict guidelines for our portfolio managers. We allow deviations from model portfolios to accommodate any individual preferences. These deviations are monitored very closely at all times.

The decision making process includes:

  • monthly meetings, to construct model portfolios;
  • weekly  meetings, to ensure the information we rely on is current; and
  • a daily snapshot of the markets in the last 24 hours.

Both our portfolio managers and dealers closely follow this process. In turn, they are monitored by a dedicated, independent compliance department, which reports directly to the CEO.  Sanlam Private Wealth operates under the very strict  rules of the ASX and the Australian Securities Investment Commission – this further serves to protect our clients’ investments.

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