Albert Landman has been involved in investment markets since 1993. In that time he has gained expertise across a wide variety of products including commodities, financial futures and more specifically the stock market, dealing and advising on behalf of both institutional and high net worth investors. Having previously worked at Macquarie Group and Bell Financial, in 2002 he founded and managed the AGS Select Absolute Return Fund to invest in the Australian stock market.

The focus of the fund was to produce equity style returns via an active trading style whilst also focusing on the protection of investors’ money during periods of market weakness. This was to be achieved by having no pre-determined allocation mandates (i.e. equities v cash) and by the use of hedging techniques.

Over this period the fund’s largest drawdown from its peak was less than 12% and within two months of the market low in March 2009 the AGS fund had recovered to record highs. As a result the fund was consistently ranked in the top 10 of its type in Australia (sample size 75) on a pure return basis and has been ranked number 1 when taking volatility into account. The rolling return inclusive of all fees on an annualized basis has been 15% from 2002 to end of 2009.

In 2010, Albert became one of the founding partners in Sanlam Private Wealth. He is head of Investment Strategy and has commenced the Sanlam Private Wealth Australian Equity Absolute Return Fund which is open to investment from institutional and sophisticated investors.