The Sanlam Private Wealth Absolute Return Fund is focused on providing consistent, top quartile risk adjusted returns.  The CIO, Albert Landman, has a 10 year track record and averaged an unleveraged 14% return for investors net of fees with a maximum drawdown from peak to trough of just over 10% at any one stage.  These returns have been achieved with low volatility, relative to the market.

The universe of the fund is ASX listed securities and derivatives.  It is long biased but maintains a proactive approach, using bottom up analytics for individual stock decisions with a top down overlay for asset weightings.  Constant mark to market is employed in order to determine and adapt to prevailing market sentiment.  In times of market weakness a defensive response is initiated in order to reduce their impact, either by increasing the cash v equities ratio or hedging/shorting.

Simply put, the fund seeks to expose investors to the upside of the market when conditions allow while seeking to protect capital when such a stance is more appropriate. In reducing the depth of market drawdowns and thus volatility through the cycle, it pitches itself as ideally suited for investors with a medium to longer term time horizon who want exposure to equities style returns but with reduced risk.

Sept Quarter Fund Report Calibre Fund – Sept 2016

June Quarter Fund Report Calibre Fund – June 2016